Selena Gomez Sizzles in a Bikini for 'Spring Breakers' Poster!

It's time to accept the fact that our Selenita's all grown up. Not only did Selena Gomez have to dodge protesters Wednesday at a NEO by Adidas fashion show in NYC—the 20-year-old star who serves as brand ambassador was handed a flyer that read: "Selena Gomez: Be an ambassador for children, not for sweatshops"—but she bares all in a new promotional poster for her upcoming girls-gone-wild flick Spring Breakers.

Gomez is sporting a super skimpy blue leopard-print bikini and an (ironic) gold cross necklace. We just wonder what her ex, Justin Bieber, thinks about the sizzling new ad. Jealous much? We are. Her body's flawless and she emits every ounce of sexiness possible for her role as Faith, a college student who, along with three of her best friends (Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine), hijacks a fast-food restaurant in order to finance a Florida vacay.

Once bored out of their minds in the dorms, the girls find themselves on the craziest spring break of their lives with a gun toting, corn-row and grill-sporting thug named Alien (James Franco). Is it bad that he still looks hot?

Gomez is ready for the role. As she learned at the controversial fashion show, everyone's going to have an opinion.