Selena Gomez Dishes On Her New Film 'Hotel Transylvania'

Vampires are totally in these days, and Selena Gomez is getting ready to take part in the trend as she prepares to hit the big screen as a 118-year-old teenage vampire in Hotel Transylvania.

Selena is playing animated character Mavis, who has been living in her father's castle her entire life, but strongly desires to just spread her wings and explore the outside world. "It’s a family-oriented movie and it touches on monsters and Dracula and all the stories that have been around for ages," Selena told Fox News Latino.

Mavis' father Dracula is voiced by none other than comedian Adam Sandler. “He [Adam Sandler] was really supportive, really funny, he was super happy with the movie, which makes me happy,” said Selena.

Hotel Transylvania hits theaters on September 28. Watch Selena's full interview to get more info on the movie below:

Are you looking forward to seeing Hotel Transylvania?