EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez is Done With Music (For Now...)

In her latest film, Getaway, Selena Gomez yet again proves her days of teen wizardry are behind her. Fresh off a role in Spring Breakers, Gomez returns to the big screen alongside costar Ethan Hawke.

Most of the heart-pounding action in Getaway takes place in a souped-up Mustang after Brent (Hawke) returns to his home to find his wife has been kidnapped. An anonymous voice leads Hawke to said car, where he must follow the directions of the voice exactly or risk losing his wife. Meanwhile, Selena's character gets taken along for the ride (literally) when she tries to mug Brent at gunpoint and the anonymous voice folds her into his evil plan. 

Journalists sat down with Selena and Ethan today at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City to chat about their latest film, in theaters August 30, 2013. See what Selena had to say at the press conference about her dream car, dressing like a tomboy and why she's done with music (for now...):

Your character in this is quite rebellious. Can you relate to that?

Selena Gomez: It was really fun for me to pretend to know about cars and technology because I know nothing about it, so I actually did get to learn a lot about it. As far as having done that in my real life, I don’t know, I stole a ChapStick when I was seven, at a store.

How was it handling the gun? Did you get coaching? Have you done that before?

SG: [Director] Courtney [Solomon] kind of wanted me to figure it out on my own because I was supposed to be a young kid, I wasn’t supposed to be a professional  at that so I did learn how to hold it properly, but yeah, I was scared. It was definitely the weirdest thing. But I kind of felt like a badass, so that was cool! [laughs]