EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez is Done With Music (For Now...)

There’s word out there that you’re sort of done with music—is that so?

SG: I’m actually on tour—so I’m in the middle of music at the moment. I constantly find myself—I’m a woman—so I change my mind all the time.  So one day I just want to do acting and just that, and one day I just want to do music and just that. So, it kind of changes, but this is my last record for a while; I’m gonna tour it and then just get into acting for a really long period of time—hopefully.

Do you ever have big moments in your life when you're like, I want to be a tomboy today?

Yeah, that’s almost every day, to be honest. I’m really casual. Especially on tour, I’m in sweatpants. Actually, on my way here, at the airport, we landed at like two in the morning and my cousin looked at me and she said, “You look like a boy,” because I had on baggy clothes. So yeah, of course, I love being comfortable. 

Will you be checking Selena out in Getaway? Are you sad to hear she's done with music for a little while? Post your thoughts in the comments.