EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez is Done With Music (For Now...)

What do you have to say to your fans who might think this is the real Selena?

SG: Oh, no. I’ve already past that. We did Spring Breakers and I think they get it. I feel like half the time they don’t give kids my age or younger enough credit. Obviously, they see who I am and they see that I’m here to play a character.

Can you talk about your very first car? What was that experience like for you and has your driving improved or gotten worse since you first got it [the car]?

SG: I got my first car when I was 16 but I didn’t have a license; it was a Ford Escape and I just let it sit there for two years because I enjoyed having my mom drive me. When I was 18, I finally got my license, then I drove it. My driving has not improved. I drive slow, and I try to be safe.

Is there a dream vehicle for you and who would you take on your first car?

I don’t really know cars that well. I feel really lame…a BMW—that was the first nice car I got and the first person that rode in it was my grandparents.