Scarlett Johanssen: Kissing Penelope Was "Better Than Kissing Jonathan Rhys-Meyers"

Penélope Cruz may be tired of talking about her now-infamous kiss with Scarlett Johanssen in their film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but ScarJo can't stop blabbing about her newfound girl crush.

"Everybody wants to know what it was like," she tells "Penélope had less facial hair than a guy so it was certainly more pleasant. It was better than kissing Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Match Point. Kissing him wasn't that bad, but he did have to stop and shave in the middle of a scene even though he'd shaved that morning. The man has really got some beard on him."

So is life going to imitate art for the star, who plays a sexually-explorative coed in the Woody Allen film? Scarlett explains, "I don't think there's anything wrong with experimenting with different lifestyles, especially when you're young, but at any time in your life," she says. "Sometimes you expect something is going to go one way and it doesn't turn out, or sometimes the unexpected happens and it's positive. If you're not open to that, I think you can't live life to the fullest."

No doubt that Penélope Cruz has the power to lure women into pseudo-lesbianism, but we don't think Scarlett will be leaving fiancé Ryan Reynolds any time soon. Although, something tells us he wouldn't mind sharing his beloved with a hot Spaniard like Penélope—at least for a night or two.