Sarah Shahi Talks About Her Badass Role in 'Bullet to The Head' and More! (EXCLUSIVE)

Sarah Shahi at the Bullet to the Head premiere
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No matter where you look, action stars from yesteryear are making their way back to theaters in a big way. Sylvester Stallone has been taking down bad guys for decades and proves he hasn’t slowed down in his latest film, Bullet to the Head.

Stallone stars as Jimmy Bobo, a hitman who teams up with a detective from Washington D.C. to take down everyone involved in the murder of his partner Louis Blanchard (John Cera).  A guy like Bobo, who has a rap sheet longer than a high-rise condominium, is not used to working with anyone wearing a badge but the detective proves to be an important asset in ascertaining pivotal information leading to the bad guys.

Along the way, different characters are introduced including Jimmy’s daughter Lisa (Sarah Shahi) a tattoo artist who gets caught up in his world even though he was never really a father figure to her.

We sat down with the beautiful actress this week in Miami where she talked about working with a legend like Stallone and she also addressed a scene where she is carried around like a rag doll by hunky co-star Jason Momoa.