Salma Hayek's Next Project: A Movie in Spain

Salma Hayek is teaming up with Spanish comedian Jose Mota to make a new satirical film called La Chispa de la Vida.

It's a movie that was originally written in English by Randy Feldman (Tango & Cash) and developed for the U.S. market. But Andres Vicente Gomez is producing the film for Madrid-based Al Fresco Enterprises and tapping into Spanish tax breaks.

Mota is one of Spain's most famous TV stars and will play a down and out publicist whose luck appears to take a turn for the better when he falls and impales his head in a Roman amphitheater. Yes, we said his luck takes a turn for the better—that's because once he is injured he finds a way to milk the situation for all it's worth before his inevitable death. Hayek plays his loving wife, whom Mota is trying to protect from sure financial ruin.

The film marks the first time a remake has been produced before the original film. "As far as I know, this is the world's first example of a pre-make" Gomez told the Daily Variety. La Chispa de la Vida will begin filming next month in Spain.