Salma Hayek—Bearded!

Salma Hayek's famous face is partially obscured these days with the addition of a long, hairy beard. No, this isn't Salmita's attempt to poke fun at those rumors that her fiance Francois Henri-Pinault is gay (get it, she's a beard), but rather part of her elaborate costume for her first post-baby film role in Cirque du Freak, about a young boy who leaves his normal life to go on the road with a freak show. Salma, presumably, plays one of the freaks, along with John C. Reilly, Patrick Fugit, Ken Watanabe and Jane Krakowski. She may be itchy with all that hair on her face, but we all know the Academy loves it when pretty girls get ugly for film roles, so maybe there'll be an Oscar at the end of this road for Salma? Only time—and a close shave—will tell.