Salma Hayek on 'Savages': "If You Don't Like Sexy, Don't Come See This Movie"

Salma Hayek is still one tough mujer

The Mexican actress may be featured on Got Milk ads and starred in the comedy Grown-Ups, but she's delivering a gangster performance for Oliver Stone's new movie, Savages. The drama flick, about two marijuana dealers who get mixed up with a drug cartel, also features Benecio del Toro, Blake Lively, and John Travolta.

The 45-year-old, who plays Elena in the film, hit up the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about her role. "I'm the queen of the Mexican cartels and I don't like the business [the two dealers] have," she says.

Salma also praised the famous director for the production. "He did well with this one. It is really really sexy," she reveals. The comedic host playfully mocked Salma's sexiness while Salma responded, "Yes, if you don't like sexy then don't come see this movie."

La chica has comedic timing! Watch her interview with Jimmy Fallon below and let us know if you plan on watching the flick when it premieres on July 6th!