Salma Hayek Gives 'Grown Ups 2' Co-Stars a Lesson in Spanish

This is GOLD. Salma Hayek played the role of Spanish teacher on a recent appearance on Univision’s Despierta América. And who played her students? Three of her Grown Ups 2 co-stars; David Spade, Kevin James, and Adam Sandler.

The lesson was part of Hayek and her co-stars’ promotion of the comedy sequel to 2010's Grown Ups. Grown Ups 2 hits theaters on Friday.

As the co-hosts of Despierta América looked on and laughed hysterically, the 46-year-old Hayek played very stern with seated co-stars, who acted more like rowdy middle school students - even throwing paper balls at the blacboard. Yes, this happened. Hayek completed her "teacher" look with a wooden pointer and impatient yelling.

The first student Hayek called up to the blackboard was Kevin James; she taught the 48-year-old actor how to say: "Quiero un cafecito bien caliente [I want a small coffee, very hot]."

In case you weren't aware, this is actually very important information.