Salma Hayek on Antonio Banderas: "I Can Feel Him in the Room When I'm Doing It"

In the Shrek spin-off, Puss in Boots, Salma Hayek plays Ms. Kitty Soft Paws, the female counterpart to Antonio Banderas' Puss in Boots. But even though the two actors' characters interact in the movie, Salma and Antonio have yet to work together on the film. 

"We didn’t work together yet," Banderas revealed this week while promoting the animated movie at the Cannes Film Festival. "But it’s really funny," adds Hayek, "because I think we’ve known each for so long and we’re so connected, that even though we've been doing it separately, I can feel him in the room when I'm doing it," she says of recording her dialogue in the studio solo. "And when you see it, it really works. Even those times that we've done it apart, you would never guess that we were doing it apart," she says.  

Both Antonio and Salma seem to be in love with the movie. “It’s not the typical spin-off," says Hayek. "it really has its own space and style and feel and sensation, and it’s different. I think they’ve done an amazing job with it."

Banderas adds that the Cannes screening of the movie went really well. "Seeing the people laughing and stopping the movie with applause fourteen times, it was very rewarding to tell you the truth. It was like a relief - like, 'oh yes, baby!'