'Safe Haven' Star Josh Duhamel: “Who Doesn’t Love Latinas?” (EXCLUSIVE)

Josh Duhamel at the Safe Haven New York City screening
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When you have a wife at home that is as talented and sexy as Fergie, you can’t deny it has something to do with her Latino heritage!

Josh Duhamel knows this firsthand and had no trouble telling us about it during a recent promotional trip to Miami.

“Who doesn’t love Latinas?” Duhamel told Latina exclusively when we caught up with him poolside after a junket for his latest film, Safe Haven. After four years of marriage to the Black Eyed Peas singer—who is part Mexican on her father’s side—you know Duhamel knows what he is talking about!

In Safe Haven, Duhamel stars as a recently widowed, father of two, living in Southport, North Carolina. His character Alex Wheatley, meets Katie (played by Julianne Hough), a mysterious woman who moves into town and captures his heart. But this is no ordinary love story. Did we forget to mention Safe Haven is the big screen adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel? 

While we don’t want to give too much away, we should note what a great job Duhamel did portraying the role of a father in the film. And while we wanted to ask him whether he was planning to have kids with Fergie, we were too distracted by his beautiful, honey-colored eyes and couldn't think straight! Oh Josh, you had us hypnotized! 

Safe Haven opens in theaters today. Check out our interview with the stars below!