Rosie Perez to Play a Crayon in Her Next Movie

Rosie Perez has tackled a lot of roles--from a crooked cop in Pineapple Express to a super-stressed out baby mama in Do The Right Thing--but this next one may be her finest to date. The latest casting update from Variety says that the boricua has signed on to star in The Hero of Color City, a CG-animated film in which a group of crayons fight to save a "multihued city." The movie is slated for 2010, and so far, castmembers include Rosie, plus Arsenio Hall (He's back! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!), Craig Ferguson and Christina Ricci.

We have so many questions about this movie. First, will the crayons be Crayola brand? Because everyone knows that all other crayons suck. Second, from what will these crayons be saving the city--a legion of anti-diversity pencils? Finally, aside from Rosie and Arsenio, this hardly sounds like a rainbow cast. May we suggest adding Sandra Oh, Kal Penn, Boy George, Audrey Tatou, Penelope Cruz and Djimon Hounsou to the list?

As for our favorite Nuyorican character actress, we smell an Oscar nomination! Just kidding, Rosie--it's all love. We will totally take our kids, cousins, baby nieces and nephews to see your crayon movie.