Rosario Dawson's Hottest Leading Men

Rosario Dawson is costarring in Unstoppable this weekend opposite Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. It's pretty great being an actress, huh Rosario? But we digress. Dawson plays Yard manager Connie Hooper in the film, opening November 12 in theaters across the country.

Though Pine and Washington are confirmed Hollywood hotties, we're 100% sure Dawson had no problem keeping her cool—she has starred with some of the sexiest leading men in the world after all. Here are Rosario's all-time hottest costars:

1. Rosario Dawson & Denzel Washington

2. Rosario Dawson & Will Smith

In the emotional tearjerker Seven Pounds (2008), Rosario plays the terminally ill Emily Posa. While scoping Emily out to determine whether or not she is worthy of an organ donation, Will Smith's character Tim Thomas slowly begins to integrate himself into her life. Eventually they fall in love, but the romance is cut short when Tim commits suicide and gives his heart (literally) to Emily.

3. Rosario Dawson & Robert Downey Jr.

In this coming-of-age drama, Dawson star opposite Robert Downey Jr. in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006), the indie film written and directed by Dito Montiel that arguably launched Downey's amazing late-career big screen comeback. Dawson plays Laurie, Dito's high school sweetheart who gets left behind when his career takes off.

4. Rosario Dawson & Clive Owen

Dawson steamed up the screen with Clive Owen in this adaptation of Frank Miller's classic neo-noir comic, Sin City (2005), codirected by Miller and Robert Rodriguez. She played Gail, the leader of a gang of prostitutes controlling the Old Town district and Dwight's (Owen) long-lost lover. 

5. Rosario Dawson & Edward Norton

Edward Norton plays Dawson's love interest in Spike Lee's excellent film 25th Hour (2002) about a man facing his last day of freedom before serving a seven-year prison sentence. Norton gives a riveting performance as penitent drug dealer Monty Brogan. Rosario plays Monty's girlfriend Naturelle, who loves him very much but blames him for the situation they are now facing.


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