Exclusive: Rosario Dawson Speaks 'Top Five,' Obama Immigration Reform & Hairstyle Tips

Exclusive: Rosario Dawson Speaks ‘Top Five,’ Obama Immigration Reform, & Hairstyle Tips
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We all want to be Rosario Dawson when we grow up. Seriously! The Top Five star's resume includes blockbusters (Sin City), thought-provoking bio-pics (Cesar Chavez), she’s the founder of Voto Latino and can rock the hell out of a half-shaved hairstyle. Here, we ask the Puerto Rican and Cuban marvel about working with Chris Rock, Pres. Obama’s executive decision on immigration reform and, of course, hairstyle advice.

First thing, how does it feel to shave the side of your head? Do you feel like you can do more styles with it?

I know I feel like I can do a ton of styles. I rock a comb-over half the time. This October makes two years I’ve had it, so a lot of people didn’t even know and then other people who have been paying attention are probably getting sick of it. [Laughs] But it’s the easiest, laziest hairstyle I’ve ever had in many aspects because it always feels like it’s done. But it also is such a pain in the ass that you always have to cut it down all the time.

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Would you ever shave it all off or just let it grow back?

I would totally shave it off. It’s funny I wanted to do this for many, many years and I kept thinking because Robert [Rodriguez] kept saying we’re going to do Sin City 2, pretty much every year after we did Sin City the first one and so I just kept thinking, Cool, when I come back for Gail I want to take her to the next level. Then 10 years go by and I finally cut my hair for it and I thought, Oh man this is going to suck for me with other parts. But then I ended up being able to rock it in a couple other projects so it’s been really nice. I think if I go full bald I’ll probably be in a little more of an issue; my mom did that at one point.

For your role as journalist Chelsea Brown in Top Five, you’re sporting the new 'do. 

Yes, and in relation to this role I remember telling Chris, “Listen, we’re going to be shooting in New York outside in Africa heat New York it’s not going to be a good look to be wearing a wig. I’m going to hate life.” On top of that with my character she’s edgy; she’s not your average girl. There are a lot of complexities to her and the hairstyle kind of worked that she would be the type of person to go, I can’t make my decision on what hairstyle I’m going to have, I’m going to have multiple in one. It really suited her and that was actually a kind of point that she brought up which I think a lot of it got cut out but it was a big sticking point that I remember in the original script where she was going on like, “What’s up with all you guys when you guys make it you always get the girl with the exact same hair, the exact same style, the exact same nails?” Chris had said, “No problem. I could have my hair how it was, I just want you to do this movie so if you come in bald I’ll be thrilled.”

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But of course when I actually accepted the movie and the producers had a chance to be there they were like, “Ugh can you maybe try this wig? And I was like “no!” There’s so much about a woman’s beauty that’s caught up in what her hair looks like, and this pressure of how she’s wearing it and whatever and I’m like in deep areas in Africa where people got weaves and doing all this kind of stuff, and I’m like, what’s up with that? You know, and there’s just something there’s something that’s really strange about it.

It seems as you’re totally embracing your hairdo.

This is the best hairstyle for me, like my little bald spot you know what I mean? Like, I’m like let’s go! I play with it and I’m like it’s just awesome, it’s like an interesting thing and every woman that I’ve talked to that’s ended up cutting their hair at some point how liberated they felt and yeah definitely there will be some people that are like, “Oh my gosh do you have cancer or whatever like that okay because it’s so small minded.” That’s the only you could ever imagine a woman would ever shave her head is because of that reason and not because she wants to feel the rain on her head or like feel their silk pillow on her skin?