Rosario Dawson Says She's Game for a 'Sin City' Sequel

Would you like to see Rosario Dawson reprise her role as the trigger-happy dominatrix and leader of the prostitutes, Gail, in a sequel to the 2005 hit movie, Sin City? Well, so would she.

In a new interview with DigitalSpy, Dawson, 31, was asked about the possibility of appearing in a sequel to the successful neo-noir crime thriller, which was co-directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, based on Miller's series of graphic novels. The actress explained that she would love to appear in a sequel—if it ever gets made.

"I haven't heard anything really except that it's supposedly going to happen," answered Dawson when asked if she thinks a second movie will happen. “The last time I saw Robert {Rodriguez} was when Machete was just coming out and he said it's possibility going to happen. I really hope so," adds Dawson.

But the actress does have one concern about her character's wardrobe. "I don’t know how much longer I can fit into that outfit," Dawson said of the tight leather outfit with fishnet stockings and metal studs that her character wore in the first film. "I'm not looking forward to {wearing the outfit} exactly, but I do get to wear a mask this time, which I am looking forward to," said Dawson.

The part Puerto Rican, part Afro Cuban actress says she would welcome the opportunity to work with directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez again. "I love that world," she said. "And I think it's really insane and intense and incredible to see how much that movie has affected so many things. So many movies that I've seen since have really taken that edge of what {Sin City} was and that really came from Frank and Robert who are masters at what they do," added Dawson. "I'd love to bring that character to life because it's really unique and very special and I can't imagine anybody else doing it.'

Dawson was asked if the entire cast from the first movie (which includes actors Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis) would be back on board should a sequel get made. "Pretty much everybody, except Brittany {Murphy} obviously. That's the hardest part and that's the sad part too because we've been talking about it for so many years after we made the first one to do it again, and now she's not with us anymore," says Dawson. The actress adds that if a sequel does get made, it will pay tribute to her friend, Murphy.

"She was such an integral part of the first film and such an amazing actress and person and we miss her," said Dawson. "I think t would be such a great opportunity to honor her by doing a second film and make sure we acknowledge that."