Rosario Dawson Dishes About Awkward Love Scenes With Will Smith

Everyone knows that Will Smith and Rosario Dawson are super cool with each other. In a recent interview with New York magazine Rosario talks about how impressed she was by Smith's dedication to the role as IRS agent Ben Thomas in their new film Seven Pounds. At times she even found herself wondering if she was talking to her friend Will, or his character Ben, and apparently she wasn;t the only one who noticed.

"As goofy and fun as Will can be, he worked with his acting coach a month before [shooting Seven Pounds]. He came here prepared and knowing who Ben was. And it changed his personality to a certain extent. He was staring at people, to the point of discomfort. We'd have these conversations on set because I became really curious as to whether I was talking to Will or Ben. And I think at times he didn't even know. It was interesting talking to him about going home and hearing that Jada was telling him, “You're driving me crazy! You really need to stop looking at me like that.”"

One look at the photos of them on the red carpet for premiere of Seven Pounds and you can tell the duo are at ease around one another. But when it came to filming the intimate sex scenes in the film, Smith got all sorts of nervous. Rosario explains the steps it took for them to feel comfortable before the two day shoot.

"It was great that we had the time because Will was very nervous. We were in bed together and doing this really tender moment. And Gabriele (the director) was like [in affected Italian accent], “Touch each other's faces … Will, what is that, it's like slapping! Be gentle!” But it was funny and actually very precious to see how nervous and shy Will was about it. Before we went in for our kiss, he was literally psyching himself up, like, “Yo, we're gonna kill this scene!” I'm like, “Uh, yeah, Will, I brushed my teeth today, we're all good.”"

It's nice to know Will Smith is human, but come on! Most men would kill to be in his position! Wonder if Jada might have been part of the reason he was so nervous?