WATCH: Rosario Dawson & Dascha Polanco In New "Gimme Shelter" Trailer

Rosario Dawson and Dascha Polanca (aka Daya from Orange Is the New Black!) are teaming up with Vanessa Hudgens in a dark new drama about troubled youth. 

The trailer, released in a Yahoo! exclusive, gives audiences a glimpse into the troubled life of Apple, played by Hudgens. Apple, who dons a cropped mop of black hair and multiple facial piercings, jumps from one foster home to another, trying to escape her prostitute, drug addict mother, played by Rosario Dawson.

When Apple becomes pregnant, she’s sent to live at a shelter for troubled young women, where she meets other girls in the same predicament, including a teen mother played by Polanco. It’s in this shelter that she gradually begins to make a family for herself. 

The drama, which will be released January 24, 2014, co-stars Brendan Fraser, Stephanie Szostak, and James Earl Jones.

Watch the moving trailer below: