Robert Rodriguez's Best Bad Girls

Since filmmaker Robert Rodriguez produced Predators, the reboot of the 80s franchise dropping in theaters across the country tonight, we weren't at all surprised to learn that Alice Braga's character, Isabelle, is seriously badass. After all, Rodriguez loves to fill his films with strong women who wreak as much havoc as the male characters—something he attributes to having grown up with five sisters. Say whatever you will about what they do for a living (no one in Rodriguez’s films is a saint), his female characters are empowered chicks who can take care of themselves and then some.

In honor of bad girls everywhere, here are some of Rodriguez's ass-kickingest, deadliest creations.

1. Alice Braga Predator

Isabelle, Predators (2010)

In this week’s action flick Predators, actress Alice Braga plays a tough chica who carries around a 14-pound gun—by far the biggest weapon held by any of the characters dumped in another world to be hunted by huge aliens. "I’m a sniper and I had the biggest weapon." Braga told "Everyone else was with a knife, with a pistol, and I was here with this big rifle, carrying it all over the place. I was like, 'Why my character, seriously?!'" Needless to say, she more than holds her own alongside the boys in the fight to stay alive.

2. Carolina Desperado

Carolina, Desperado (1995)

Carolina (Salma Hayek in her star-making English-language role) starts this sequel to Rodriguez’s breakthrough flick Desperado as a mild-mannered bookstore owner. But when she hooks up with the titular character (a yummy Antonio Banderas) and learns she is inadvertently aiding the bad guys he’s hunting, she grabs a gun and helps mow them down. Then she gets the him to retire and ride off into the sunset with her. Aww...

3. Miho Sin City

Miho, Sin City (2005)

Yeah, we know how the girls of Old Town make their money is icky, but they still need to be protected. Enter Miho (Devon Aoki), a silent assassin who carries twin samurai swords and Chinese stars. When a car full of guys get turned down for business by a prostitute (Alexis Bledel) and they threaten her, Miho, standing on the ledge of a high building, throws a Chinese star to cut off the main assailant’s arms (Jackie Boy, played by Benicio del Toro) and then swoops down onto the car and stabs the rooftop with the swords. Oh and she also forces Jackie Boy’s gun to backfire and hit him in the head before turning his head into a "Pez dispenser." Do not mess with this chick.

4. Cherry Planet Terror

Cherry, Planet Terror (2007)

What do you do when zombies cut off one of your legs and you’re kidnapped by perverts? Find the biggest gun you can and use it as a prosthesis—and literally turn yourself into a weapon. In a key scene at the end of the film, Cherry (Rose McGowan) uses the firepower from the gun to propel her into the air and shoot down an army of guys keeping her and her friends from boarding a helicopter to safety.


5. Carmen Spy Kids

Carmen, Spy Kids series (2001-2003)

Carmen (Alexa Vega) may only be a kid, but the daughter of spies sure knows how to take care of business. Throughout the three-film series she’s transformed from a former bedwetter into a computer hacker who can outthink baddies and use her martial arts skills to fight off enemies. With her combo of brains and brawn, she may actually be the most balanced Rodriguez chick yet. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do in the upcoming Spy Kids 4: Armaggedon, which hits theaters next summer.

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