Robert Rodriguez on Jessica Alba: "She's a Badass Mom"

In real life, Jessica Alba is a mom with a second baby on the way and in Spy Kids 4 (out August 19), Alba also plays a mom — a spy mom!

Robert Rodriguez, the writer-director of the Spy Kids franchise, says Alba's real-life role as a mother was the inspiration for his fourth installment. "I got the idea [for Spy Kids 4] when I was making Machete," explains Rodriguez. "Jessica came over to my house for lunch with the kids, and she was bringing her daughter out of the backseat. But her diaper had exploded and the kid had made a huge mess and just seeing Jessica dressed up, so beautiful and glamorous, but having to deal with this baby with an exploded diaper, I just thought, "I'd love to see her as a spy mom,” said Rodriguez.

“I wrote it around her," he adds, "and figured she'd have two new stepkids who don't think their mom is cool, but she's really a spy and their dad plays a spy hunter on a TV show and doesn't know his wife is a spy.”

Rodriguez says Alba was excited to play a mom in the latest installment of the popular kids franchise. "I think she liked the idea, because she got married young and had the baby young, so she was dealing with the whole baby situation when we had this idea," said Rodriguez. "We thought it would be a perfect way to deal with what her life is really like, except in this, she's an ass-kicking badass. She gets to show the actual trials of dealing with a baby while having a career.”

Rodriguez adds that Alba came up with a lot of ideas that were incorporated into the movie. “She's very collaborative. She said, 'I really want to be funny. I should do this, I should do that. I think when I'm with the kids, this is the kind of game I'd play with them,'" he explained. "She really brought a lot to the table. She knows children and what would come off best for the character."