Robert Rodriguez Discusses His Favorite Cult Films

Robert Rodriguez, director of Machete Kills, has spearheaded some of the most daring, groundbreaking, thrilling movies of all time.

Blockbuster hits like Machete, Planet TerrorGrindhouse, and Sin City not only achieved incredible box office success, but also earned cult-status honors among film buffs. However, the Mexican-American director says that he owes his success to the cult movies he watched as a teenager and young adult. 

In a blog for The Daily BeastRodriguez discusses how movies like Rolling Thunder, An American Werewolf in London, and Evil Dead II influenced and inspired his works.

"It's a revenge-thriller," he writes of Rolling Thunder, "But it's done so cool -- it's intense and brutal...It was set in San Antonio, and you see its influence in just about every one of my movies because the guy loses his hand by the bad guys and it turns into a hook. Transformation is a big thing in my films." 

The Texas native writes about how six different movies shaped his own filmmaking and life. Click here to check out his blog and the full list!