Rethinking 'Twilight: Eclipse' with a Latino Cast!

We know that Washington State, where The Twlight Saga: Eclipse is set, is not exactly brimming with diversity, but we couldn’t help but imagine what the film, which comes out today, would be like if it were a little bit browner.

Here are the results of our all-Latino recast of the latest Twilight movie. Enjoy, then let us know what you think in the comments below!

1. Twilight Recast Victoria Justice

Bella: Victoria Justice

Selena Gomez is too damn cute and perky and so is Demi Lovato’s chin dimple. That leaves the only other young Latina star with a big following to play the angsty Bella. Yes, Victoria Justice does play a bouncy chica on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, but at least she’ll show a dark side in her upcoming Nick TV movie Boy Who Cried Werewolf, in which she’ll play the hairy beast.

2. Twilight Recast Gael Garcia Bernal

Edward: Gael Garcia Bernal

Let’s face it, Edward is not exactly the most macho of dudes and Robert Pattison’s wimpy brooding doesn’t make him a compelling hottie for anyone over 15. Bring in the Mexican actor, who is sweet-faced but can turn intense on a dime, and you create a vampire with dimension. Plus, he’s got huge colmillos (those fangy teeth on the sides of your mouth).

3. Twilight Recast Michael Trevino

Jacob: Michael Trevino

He’s buffer, more masculine and hotter than Taylor Lautner. In other words, the Mexican American actor (who is on CW’s The Vampire Diaries) was born to play a werewolf. Auuuu!!

4. Twilight Recast Maiara Walsh

Alice: Maiara Walsh

With super-expressive eyes and a big smile, the Desperate Housewives star can bring the playful, sexy, trendy vampire to life.

5. Twilight Recast Rick Gonzalez

Jasper: Rick Gonzalez

Rick has crazy-eyes—and that hair—that are perfect for playing the Cullen coven’s ‘newborn’ vampire, who can barely control his desire for human blood (the rest of the gang drinks animal blood, of course).

6. Twilight Recast Victoria

Victoria: Rosario Dawson

She was born to play wicked chicks (Sin City, The Lightning Thief), and she’s definitely the type to take off her earrings, put her hair in a ponytail, zip up her jacket and come after a bitch who gets her man killed.

7. Twilight Recast Eduardo Verastegui

Riley: Eduardo Verastegui

We’d love to see what the devoutly Catholic actor would do as the evil leader of an evil vampire army. There just has to be a bad boy underneath that choir-boy façade. (What? We’re just saying…or praying.)

8. Twilight Recast Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack: Tristan Wilds, Victor Rasuk, Jay Hernandez, Eddie Cibrian, Mario Lopez…

Joining Alex Meraz, who has played Paul in the movie series: We’re advocating for pretty much every Latin bad boy you wouldn’t mind seeing shirtless for two hours.

9. Twilight Recast Menudo

Vampire Army: Menudo

They’re basically soulless, interchangeable zombies. Who else?

10. Twilight Recast