EXCLUSIVE: Carlos Leon Does the "Immigration Tango" in New Romantic Comedy

We chatted up the insanely handsome Cuban actor Carlos Leon (aka Madonna’s ex and Lourdes' daddy) about immigration and his role in the new romantic comedy Immigration Tango hitting theaters today, February 18th.

This movie take a comical approach to the immigration question. Do you think that’s an effective way to approach the topic?

I think it’s light-hearted because it’s a love story. However, I think it has a strong message. You have to remember that this country was built by immigrants. My parents are immigrants, so I’m a little torn by the whole immigration thing going on. I understand their point of view but at the same time they have to understand our point of view of immigrants.  There has to be some sort of mutual understanding on the laws, because there are a lot of jobs here that immigrants do that Americans don’t want to do and we need them. So I don’t know if that’s necessarily a strong message but it will definitely make people think. It will make them think about it. It made me think about it even more. Coming from immigrant parents from Cuba and being born and raised in NY, it made me think I have to be more active for the community. I think what the movie does is give you hope that it can work out.

What would you like viewers learn or take from this film?

I would like them to know that other people have opinions. Hopefully, it will wake them up and not shut down where their forefathers are from. Hopefully they’ll look at the immigration laws and be a little more sensitive towards the people who are coming into this country.

This movie raises some interesting questions about love, commitment, friendship and marriage. Do you still believe in the institution of marriage?

I totally believe in the institution of marriage but there has to be a foundation of love. There has to be unconditional love and communication and then I believe in it.