POLL: Who Should Play the New Zorro?

It's been six long years since we've seen Zorro on the big-screen. Famously played by a dashing and debonair Antonio Banderas, we were sort of the on the fence when we heard that FOX is working on a reboot of the franchise titled Zorro Reborn. Come on, can anyone really top Antonio? He was pretty much born to play the part.

But the new Zorro won't be a period piece set in Mexico or California, in fact, it's going to be set in the future—a post-apocalyptic future to be exact. Instead of a caped-crusader fighting for justice while brandishing a sword, the new Zorro will be a darker man, determined to exact revenge. 

Hmm, we're going to have to wait and see with this remake. Until the, tell us who you think they should cast as the new, darker Zorro!