Penelope Cruz Reacts to Her Oscar Nomination; Javier Bardem Hearts Josh Brolin

Everyone knows that Salma Hayek is Penelope Cruz's biggest cheerleader, but the Spanish star confirmed it again in her reaction to her own Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination yesterday. Cruz tells AP that it was her Mexican BFF who woke her up to watch the announcement:

"I was with my friend Salma and she woke me up 2 minutes before
the announcement, which we watched live. I then received a lot of
congratulation calls ... [Salma] told me that it was clear for her,
that it was going to happen. But all the time I have tried to not
expect anything, to be caught by the surprise."

Why can't every girl have a best friend like Hayek?

Penelope gave no indication that Javier Bardem called her to say felicidades, but we do know that her former flame made at least one congratulatory phone call yesterday. “It feels surreal," says Best Supporting Actor nominee Josh Brolin to Variety. I just got a call from Javier Bardem in Spain and he
was flipping out and screaming." Sounds like they formed a tight bond while working on No Country for Old Men together.

This reminds us...Best Supporting Actor winners always present the Best Supporting Actress award the following year, so that means Bardem and Cruz might actually be onstage together! Will they finally acknowledge they undying love? Will they kiss? We're officially more excited for this moment than we ever thought possible.