Penelope Cruz Evades Journalists at 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' Screening

We think it's time for Penélope Cruz to take some lessons in media training. The notoriously media-shy actress has been more evasive than usual recently, while doing press for her new film Vicky Cristina Barcelona (co-starring Scarlett Johannsen and Penélope's boyfrien,d Javier Bardem).

Penélope appeared at an intimate New York screening of the film, and spoke to reporters on the red carpet before joining Javier, director Woody Allen, and many of New York's glitterati in the theater.

Things started off innocently enough, when she was asked to descibe her character Maria Elena: "She’s somebody who is very unstable," Penélope said of her character. "She's damaged. She wants to create something."

But things got hairy when a journo asked Penélope what life experiences she tapped in to in preparation for the role: "You go through verses when you are preparing for your character and during interviews people ask you how you prepared for your character," she said evasively. "For me, I have my own system and it works every time in every movie. I think you always feel a little bit pretentious when you hear that question."

The reporter took it one step further and asked Penélope if she considered herself complicated, which sent the actress into a fluster and she ditched the interview altogether. Luckily, Javi was right behind her and ready to come to her rescue. He told the awaiting reporters, "Everybody changes I guess. I haven't acted with her in 15 years!"

It's a good thing Penélope has actual talent to fall back on, and her work speaks for itself, because a few more interviews like this one and we have a feeling reporters are going to start turning on her.