7 Latinas Who Shared the Screen With Paul Walker

Today marks two years since the tragic passing of our favorite blue-eyed hottie, Paul Walker. In honor of the fallen star, we're taking a look at seven Latinas who were lucky enough to share the screen with him:

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1. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

The Dominican and Puerto Rican actress and the late actor became like family after starring together in the Fast & Furious franchise. Although in the beginning Brian (played by Walker) and Letty (played by Rodriguez) didn't get along (Brian was trying to areest Letty's man, Dom, after all!), the two later began really trusting each other and forming a very brother-sister like bond.

2. Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster

Ah, Brian and Mia. These two were certainly one of our favorite couples in Fast & Furious. Mia and Brian made for such a cute pair, and she was certainly that ride-or-die. In real life the on-screen lovers were also extremely close. Since his passing, the 35-year-old Panamanian-born actress has expressed what an enormous presence Walker was in her life over the 14 years prior to his tragic accident.

3. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

The Mexican-American beauty and the late hunky blue-eyed actor were quite the couple in 2005's Into the Blue. Seven months following his death, Alba shared some very touching words. "He had a real childlike innocence and he was game to try anything or do anything," she told Marie Claire. "He treated everyone with respect and love. He was never treating anybody differently because of who they were. He was really a guy’s guy. And loved his daughter so much and talked about her all the time. He never cared about Hollywood. He never cared about the hype.”

4. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

The Guardians of the Galaxy star shared the screen with Walker in 2010's Takers.

5. Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez

The gorgeous L'Oreal brand ambassador starred as Walker's love interest in Hours, one of the actor's final films before his death.


6. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Cruz and Walker co-starred in the 2004 Christmas-themed film, Noel. The Spanish actress played Walker's fianceé, whom despite ending things due to his insane jealousy, finds herself missing him.

7. Catalina Denis

Catalina Denis

Denis got the chance to work with the late actor in the film Brick Mansions, where she played Walker's character's partner's girlfriend. "He was so open, so humble, so...just like a good human being," the Colombian actress told us in an interview following the actor's death. "He was just a good guy. He was just a good, cool guy. A beautiful soul, beautiful. It’s such a sad loss. It’s such a waste! Ugh!"