Our Fave Latino Movie Vets

One genre in which Latino actors have always found a home is the war movie—whether they are playing Latino characters or not. In any case, there have been some great, entertaining and even funny portrayals of those who have gone to war.

1. Movie Vets: Kirk Acevedo

As Staff Sgt. Joseph Toye in HBO’s World War II miniseries Band of Brothers, Kirk Acevedo does what he does best: Add layers of emotion to a supporting character. His Toye is resilient and lovable.

2. Movie Vets: Martin Sheen

Apocalypse Now is essentially an anti-war movie, centering on the psychological breakdown on soldiers left out in the trenches too long. Martin Sheen plays Army special ops Capt. Willard, sent to a remote Vietnam village to kill a rogue colonel in a role that would become iconic for him and American film. 

3. Movie Vets: Charlie Sheen

Like father, like son. In Platoon, Charlie Sheen plays a college boy enamored with the idea of war who signs up to go to Vietnam. The sure-handed way in which Sheen portrays Christ Taylor’s initial cockiness and brutal coming of age in the Vietnam jungle, with all it attendant horrors, made him a star. 

4. Movie Vets: Michelle Rodriguez

Playing an airman (air woman?) in Battle: Los Angeles wasn’t just another one of Michelle Rodriguez “badass chick” roles. Air Force Intelligence Technical Sgt. Elena Santos has soul and a deep moral code, making for one of Michelle’s most well rounded performances.

5. Movie Vets: Enrique Murciano

There are cinematic moments that are the equivalent of a knife to your heart. The scene in Blackhawk Down, in which dying Sgt. Lorenzo Ruiz (played by Enrique Murciano) tells his buddy to take a letter to his wife gets us every time. The fact that the character is based on a real-life Latino soldier makes the performance all the more poignant.

6. Movie Vets: Laz Alonso

Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy—that’s all we can think about every time Laz Alonso, as Lieutenant Corporal Ramon Escobar, has a scene in Jarhead. That’s because he’s shirtless almost every time. Period. He’s also funny in the movie, but yeah, the shirtless thing.

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