EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Velazquez Dishes on Playing Denzel Washington's Love Interest in 'Flight'

Nadine Velazquez may be best known for her comedic role in the 2009 sitcom, My Name Is Earl, but the Puerto Rican model and actress is taking her career to new heights by starring in the upcoming drama alongside Denzel Washington, Flight. The Chicago native plays a flight attendant named Katerina, who also happens to be romantically involved with an alcoholic pilot played by the Oscar and Tony-winner.

Latina.com spoke exclusively with Nadine about her new role, how she defines sexy, and more. Check it out below!

What were your thoughts when you found out you got the role as Katerina?

“I’ve done drama before, but not at this level. I was super excited! I’m also playing opposite one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and I’m working with an Oscar-winning director. This is a huge role for me.”

What was it like playing Denzel Washington’s love interest in the film?

"That was nothing short of amazing! I’ll just say that for the first five minutes of the film I’m completely nude. When I auditioned for the film, one of the first things that they asked me was, ‘Are you comfortable being nude?’ and I said, ‘I’ll take off my clothes right now.’ Of course, everyone got a big laugh out of that."

How did you and Denzel prepare for those scenes?

"He definitely didn’t want it to be a situation where I felt uncomfortable. He was very professional and suggested that we meet up for dinner before shooting the scene. That actually helped a lot because I felt like he was looking out for me. It was the first day of shooting and thankfully it was a closed set."

What do you feel like you have learned from him as a co-star?

"I learned that rehearsal could only take you so far. He taught me not to anticipate his reactions and that’s very contrary to how I have done most of my acting in the past. Since then, I’ve become more comfortable with being in the moment and not second guessing things so much."

The movie has received lots of buzz. What do you think will draw viewers in?

Everything from the cast to the storyline. Denzel’s character really dives deep into the struggle of a human being. It’s just so good! It drives you in from the very beginning. It’s just such a powerful film.

You have also been voted one of the sexiest women in the world by several magazines. Do you consider yourself sexy?

"You know what, I think I am. I don't mean that from a superficial perspective, but instead my attitude and the way I carry myself. I've always exuded some connection to my sexuality even as a kid. So to me, being sexy means staying connected to that part of me."

What do you consider your dream role to be?

"My dream role would be to act with Denzel again! I hope to land roles where my presence is carried on throughout the film.  I'm looking forward to taking on a role with a complicated backstory and yet someone who refuses to lose sight of hope. I know that it will happen someday."

Flight hits theaters nationwide on November 2. Will you be checking it out?