A Must-Watch Documentary Based On Activist Dolores Huerta


We are all familiar with the phrase “Si, Se Puede!” (Yes, We Can!) because it's been repeated by many famous politicians, presidents, and activists throughout the world. However, few know that the first person to say this famous motto was Dolores Clara Fernandez Huerta.

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Known simply as Dolores Huerta, she is an activist in the labor and civil rights movements. This feminist icon is without a doubt one of the greatest heroes in the Latin community, but her contributions have gone unrecognized—until now. 

Director Peter Bratt and actor Benjamin Bratt teamed up with Huerta and renowned musician Carlos Santana to create Dolores, an empowering documentary based on the 87-year-old's courageous work to create the first farm workers unions (alongside César Chávez).  

The documentary premiered at and won several awards at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Dolores will be released in theaters this fall and air on PBS in 2018.

Benjamin Bratt stated:  “On some level, the film is a correction of the historical record, as it’s been recorded thus far. Dolores’ story, other women and their impact on our culture, on who we are as a people, it’s been excised, purposefully, So the film is a celebration of her sense of independence, the fire of her spirit, and really it’s a testament to and a reminder that individual power, as she likes to say, is a very powerful thing not to be squandered, that if you have the commitment and the level of self-sacrifice that it takes, that anyone can activate and put positivity in the world.”

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Check out the trailer below and catch the film in theaters on Sept. 1.