Movie Review: <i>Sex and the City: The Movie</i>

Visually, each scene is a perfectly wrapped treat—like the countless designer gift boxes that pop up throughout the film, lined with crisp tissue paper and tied with satin ribbons. Colors, textures, and seasons explode off of the screen. New York may never have looked so fetching on film: every avenue, street corner, bistro and boutique reminds us of why the Big Apple is the most exciting, seductive city in the world.

And the fashion. In a word: couture-iffic. Costume designer Patricia Field (who was also responsible for the iconic looks of the television series) has outdone herself, remaining true to each character's fashion essence while positively dazzling us with outfit after outfit, shoe after shoe—many of which came straight from the runway onto the big screen. The usual suspects are all there—Carrie's flowers, Samantha's shoulder pads, Charlotte's sweetheart necklines and Miranda's power suits—but re-imagined to reflect the evolution of each character. That's a lot of pressure to put on an outfit, but as die-hard fans know, in the world of Sex and the City, shoes and accessories are as effective at conveying a character's emotional state as the expression on her face.