Movie Review: 'The Bounty Hunter'

The Bounty Hunter stars Jennifer Aniston’s hair and body, and they are equally awesome. Her famous beach-blond locks swirl and swing sexily, her uber-toned body announces, “Hey, don’t I look amazing for 40?” in every single shot. And boy, do her hair and body make a great couple! They have way more chemistry than Aniston and Gerald Butler, at least. The duo play bickering exes in The Bounty Hunter, a tired, unfunny, romance-action adventure that clocks in at a life-draining 110 minutes.

Blame a script packed with a lot of contrived situations, few laughs and no heart: It features Aniston as Nicole, a newspaper reporter in Loubutins and a tight skirt, who skips bail to chase down a story that involves a suspicious suicide and police corruption. Her ex-husband Milo, a former cop who’s now a greasy bounty hunter, is assigned to bring her in. War-of-the-sexes hilarity is supposed to ensue, as Milo tracks Nicole to Atlantic City, and the couple is chased by both the thugs Nicole is investigating and Milo’s violent but bumbling bookies, to whom he owes money. They fight, he stuffs her in a trunk, they fight, she Tasers him, they fight, he handcuffs her to a bed, they…well, you get it. This is what passes for romance in this movie. Aniston has decent comic timing, but Butler, playing a doughy scrub—the type of guy who calls people ‘sweetheart’ and ‘honey’ and eats eggs with his hands—phones in another utterly charmless performance. You have no clue why anyone would hook up with, let alone marry Milo, and it doesn’t help that the movie barely bothers to scratch the surface of the couple’s past relationship.

Supporting characters played by Jason Sudeikis (as a creepy fellow reporter obsessed with Nicole), Christine Baranski (Nicole’s showgirl mom), and Siobhan Fallon Hogan (a gum-smacking receptionist), provide sparks of life every so often, but The Bounty Hunter is still D.O.A.