7 Movie Couples That Made Us Believe in Love

We always fantasize about the couples we see in movies and wish we could have the romantic lives they do. No matter what, these couples always found their way to each other and it's why they all made us belive in love.

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1. Movie Couples in Love: Maid in Manhattan

In Maid in Manhattan, Marisa (played by Jennifer Lopez) and Christopher (played by Ralph Fiennes) prove that you can come from different worlds but that will never stop you from falling in love. The two take it upon themselves to fight the odds and become New York's best tag team/power couple. 

2. Movie Couples in Love: The Holiday

In the film The Holiday, Amanda Woods (played by Cameron Diaz) didn't think she would ever find love but it turns out a trip to England would change that. While there, Amanda meets Graham (played by Jude Law) and falls head over heels. Though both stubborn to admit their feelings at first, they both decide their love was stronger and far more important than that. 

3. Movie Couples in Love: From Prada to Nada

Who would have thought a little rich girl like Mary Dominguez (played by Alexa PenaVega) in From Prada to Nada would fall in love with the local guy, Bruno (played by Wilmer Valderrama)? These two were from two completely different planets but somehow they realized they were meant to be together.

4. Movie Couples in Love: The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner was the ultimate chick flick and it's all because Mary (played by Jennifer Lopez) and Steve Edison (played by Matthew McConaughey) showed us that it's never to late to find the person you are meant to be with.

5. Movie Couples in Love: Monte Carlo

Grace (played by Selena Gomez) got to live a real-life Cinderella story in Monte Carlo. Mistaken for a British heiress, Grace ends up falling in love with Theo Marchand (played by Pierre Boulanger.) These two were totally meant to be together and end up living a fairy tale life.

6. Movie Couples in Love: Another Cinderella Story

Yet another movie where a girl, Mary (played by Selena Gomez), is dealt the short end of the stick but ends up winning over the heart of the guy that every girl wants. Mary meets Joey Parker (played by Drew Seely) and their chemistry is instant. The two don't want to admit it at first but as time passes they realize they are head over heels for one another.

7. Movie Couples in Love: Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

In Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Javier Suarez (played by Diego Luna) is a local teenager that falls in love for the new rich girl, Katey Miller (played by Romola Garai), who has just moved to Cuba from the USA. The two have an instant connection over their love for dancing.