Pixar's New Movie 'Coco' Pays Homage to Día de los Muertos and Challenges Trump


Cue the waterworks!

Pixar’s latest animated film Coco is here to give you all the feels with its emotional and beautiful storyline. Día de Los Muertos is a celebration of family and love in remembrance of departed loved ones. That is exactly what Coco is all about, and with the Mexican national holiday right around the corner, its premiere could not come at a better time.

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Coco is about a 12-year-old boy named Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), and his adventure powered by his love for music, and his deceased idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). His relatives, however, disapprove of him pursuing a singing career, fearing that Miguel will abandon his family just like his great-great-grandfather did for the same reason. When his grandmother catches him playing the guitar, he runs from home and somehow ends up in the Land of the Dead. There, he unlocks and becomes acquainted with secrets of his grandmother Coco’s past, and learns about his heritage.

Morelia, Mexico could not have been a better fit for the first screening of Coco. From architecture, music, and festivities, the historic city has an expansive past with everything related to the Day of the Dead. The filmmakers even visited Morelia at the start of production six years ago. Director Lee Unkrich told Vanity Fair at the Morelia International Film Festival, “The film is very much about family, specifically the importance of remembering family and passing along stories to future generations so that people aren’t forgotten and lost to time.”

Not only does Coco have the ability to spiritually move those who know and love the Holiday, but those who might think it’s just a “Mexican Halloween,” as well. Vanity Fair asked the filmmakers if there’s anything Donald Trump, in particular, could learn from watching Coco, and Unkrich’s response was, “I’ll just say I hope he watches it [...] Mexico is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. We feel very honored that we can do our part to try to share the beauty of Mexico with the rest of the world. I know from the people that we’ve shown the film to, they’ve come away with a real appreciation and understanding and respect for what Día de Muertos is all about.”

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Co-director and writer Adrian Molina said, “I hope he and anyone who watches this film will have their heart touched and have the desire to connect with the people around them [...] And that people will see Mexico as a beautiful culture that has such a powerful connection to family.”

Watch the official trailer for Coco Below: