Miguel Speaks About Role in New Film 'Detroit'


Is there anything he can't do?

Over the years, Miguel Pimentel (aka Miguel) has had us swooning over his sexy songs featuring passionate lyrics. Now the songwriter is starring in a new film, Detroit, released today in select cities and everywhere next week. The new movie is directed by Kathryn Bigelow and tells the story of a horrific incident of police brutality during the time of the 1967 Detroit riots. 

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Miguel makes an appearance late in the movie as a member of the Dramatics, a soul music group formed during the 1960s in Detroit, Michigan. In an exclusive chat with Billboard, the 31-year-old said how he had been so impressed by Bigelow. He expressed his gratitude for being a part of this young, talented cast; "Being part of the process from audition to actually having a moment in the film was really inspiring just to see all the talent and then to get the sense of what we were actually auditioning. When we auditioned, I had no idea. There was a general script, but it was our interaction with each other. To see it turn into what it is now, an actual film is inspiring.” Below you can catch the official trailer for the movie. 


Although the story takes place 50 years ago, the over-arching themes in the film still impact and occur in Detroit, and all over the world. Still today, our country is in a constant state of conflict, and as tensions run higher, the film is a must-see, resonating with other past and present occurrences in America. The 31-year-old hopes the movie will bring change; "The notion that we've been doing some bad things to each other for a long time and it's still happening to day...Hopefully, this film can inspire more attention, the proper attention to be more cognizant  of who we are to each other."

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According to Billboard, Miguel is currently working on his fourth album and we can expect it to be as deep, honest and romantic as everything we have seen from him in the past.