Mariah Carey 'Push'es Her Way Back to the Big Screen

Will the third time be a charm for Mariah Carey? The record-breaking singer is ready to dive back into acting with another turn on the big screen in Push, an adaptation of the eponymous memoir about an obese, HIV-positive woman impregnated twice by her father.

No, Mariah won't be borrowing Eva Longoria Parker's butt and stomach pads to play the lead character. Instead, she'll take on the role of the Harlem-based social worker who counsels her.

Ever since her disastrous debut in Glitter, Mimi's been trying to step up her game in front of the camera, and producer Lee Daniels (who's also her close pal), has been coming through with the opportunities. Lee cast Mariah in Tennessee, a Tribeca Film Festival hit in which she plays a diner waitress determined to flee a bad marriage, and brought her on board Push, which Lee is also directing.

For those of you worried our deliciously frivolous diva is giving up butterflies and glitter for a career as a serious actress, fret not. Mariah's also developing a movie musical based on her hit Christmas album.

The film will be about a small town that falls under the control of a ruthless developer, who wants to turn it into one big mall. "Mariah doesn't want to let that happen," says her producing partner Benny Medina. "Her character uses song and love to keep the Christmas spirit alive."

The script, written by High School Musical scribe Peter Barsocchini, is still in the early stages. She tells the New York Daily News, "since I recorded the Christmas album, I've always wanted to make a movie to go with it, something that people could watch and hear and enjoy every year. I'm into it. I'm all about the holiday season."

Now that she's pretty much conquered the pop charts, it's not surprising that Mariah's set her sights on Hollywood. We just hope she doesn't find herself a fish way out of water.