Mariah Carey’s Dramatic Makeover for New Movie "Push"

You have to give it to Mariah Carey. She doesn’t let several (thousand?) bad reviews stop her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a respected actor. Most people would have stopped going to the movies after the lashing she got following the release of 2001’s uber-flop Glitter. But not Mariah. She went on to star in 2002’s overlooked Wise Girls and earned mixed reviews for her turn in 2008’s Tennessee. Now she’s starring in the Lee Daniels-directed Push, where she plays a social worker who develops a unique bond with the film’s deeply troubled main character. Push is based on the best-selling 1996 novel by Sapphire.

Judging from stills of the movie, Mariah clearly steps outside of herself for the role and manages to lose all of her glamorous Mariah-ness. She may have acting chops after all. Husband Nick Cannon told MTV, “When you see 'Push,' not only do you forget that's Mariah Carey, you might not even recognize it's Mariah Carey…It's one of those performances. She don't talk the same, she don't look the same—she just went in and did her thing."

We’re actually excited to see this film! Tell us, are you going to go see Carey in Push?