Madonna Directs Lourdes Leon in 'W.E.'

Last year, Madonna helped her daughter Lourdes Leon launch her Material Girl fashion line and now Madge has cast Lourdes in her new movie, W.E.a biopic that Madge is directing about the affair between Britain's King Edward VIIand American divorcée Wallis Simpson. 

While talking to MTV News, the film's star, Abbie Cornish revealed the role that Lola will be playing in the film. "She actually plays a younger version of my character," Cornish dished, explaining that she never got to share the screen with Lourdes. "She's a super-cute, younger version of my character." 

News that Lourdes would appear in the film surfaced last fall, when photos of the teen wearing a schoolgirl's uniform on the set of her mom's new film popped up online. Lourdes is billed as "Lola Leon" on the film credits. 

The film, which was shot in France, wrapped filming in October. W.E. is the second film Madonna has directed and is most likely premiering at Venice Film Festival, which takes place from August 31 to September 10th.