What Happened to Ticket Sales of Machete Kills?

Machete Kills has not exactly been a box office success. The Robert Rodriguez film, which hit theaters on October 11 and is jam packed with big name stars, has only made an estimated $6.4 million to date.

With the success of Latino associated films such as Gravity, Instructions Not Included and Pulling Strings, we were left wondering exactly what went wrong.

HispanicBusiness.com feels part of the problem is that Danny Trejo now looks too old and couldn't pull off the character as he once had.

Moviefone wrote that it was just bad timing for Machete Kills, with the release of hits such as Gravity and Captain Phillips. The movie site also attributed Trejo's age in playing this lead-action role. At 69, he appeared "sluggish and paunchy."

Users over at Reddit.com claimed that another reason for why Rodriguez's film flopped is because Machete wasn't a movie mainstream audiences wanted a sequel for.

What are your thoughts? Why do you think Machete Kills did so poorly in theaters?