Lionsgate Sued Over 'Filly Brown' Film

The studio behind Filly Brown, the Sundance film starring various Latino stars including Gina Rodriguez and the late Jenni Rivera, is currently finding itself in quite a bit of trouble over the film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate is being sued by Silent Giant Entertainment (also known as Por Los Rios). SGE's president Edward "E-Dub" Rios and on-air host of the company's popular radio show "Pocos Pero Locos" Lisa "Kool Aid" Seltzer are saying that they signed an agreement to be co-producers of Filly Brown and that said contract entitled them to a third of net income from the film.

Once Filly Brown was shown at Sundance, it was acquired by a different movie studio, but although this turned out to be unsuccessful due to financial troubles and Pantelion later picked it up, Rios and Seltzer allege that this acquisition violated their agreement and reduced the pay they were entitled to.

Rios and Seltzer have now filed two separate lawsuits and are seeking an injunction on the film and further monetary relief.