Lin-Manuel Miranda Signs with DreamWorks to Create Secret Animated Musical

The good news keeps pouring in for Lin-Manuel Miranda. On the heels of leaving his Tony-winning hit, In the Heights, to focus on new projects, the musical theater savant has inked a development deal with Dreamworks Animation (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda) to help create animated musical films.

"At DreamWorks we want to figure out a way to do an
animated musical in the way Jeffrey (Katzenberg) did at Disney in
the '80s," Bill Damaschke, the company's co-president of production, tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's been a
long time since there's been an animated musical that pushed the
medium forward."

He's right—1989's The Little Mermaid has yet to be topped!

Though Miranda's first project for DreamWorks is still top-secret, we know that he's teaming up with High School Musical writer Peter Baroscchini. There's also word that DreamWorks is developing a little Shrek spin-off known as Puss in Boots, starring the one and only Antonio Banderas. So, yeah...we're just saying. Let the speculation begin!