Lin-Manuel Miranda On The Movie 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green': "It's Really a Beautiful Movie"

Lin-Manuel Miranda, writer of In the Heights, is tackling a new kind of tale: The Life of Timothy Green. The story, which focuses on a childless couple who come to take care of a very interesting child, is a magical movie about life and family. Check out the interview with Lin-Manuel below!

How was your experience filming The Odd Life of Timothy Green?

"It was really exciting! The directors and writer of Peter Hedges is a guy with roots in theater, so I was thrilled that he asked me to be a part of it. It came at a perfect time in my life: I got the offer to do Timothy Greene and the day after In the Heights closed on Broadway. It really was a little magical period in my life, where I got to (act alongside) Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton and Common. I got to work with all these great actors for a few days (and it) was a lot of fun."

Tell us about your character.

"I play Reggie, whose sort of a childhood friend of Jennifer Garner’s character. So when they get this magical kid, I’m the doctor they bring him to."

What's the most interesting part of this film? 

"It's really a beautiful movie. What I like the most about this script is that it’s a fable about life and raising kids, how we make so many mistakes. You never know what you are doing and are just hoping you’re doing your best. I think that it really taps into that in a magical sort of way."

The Odd Life of Timothy Green hits theaters August 15. Will you be seeing it?