WATCH: Luna (Lauren) Velez Shows How Far a Mother Will Go to Save a Child From Drug Addiction in 'Adrift'

Luna (Lauren) Velez is bringing to the big screen something that many people are afraid to talk about. 

In her new film AdriftVelez plays Cecelia Fernandez, a teacher that is trying to achieve the "American Dream" by moving her family to a Long Island suburb. In the movie, we see her youngest son start to cut class, act out and start using heroin. The film does a great job of showing what each family has to go through now that one of them has a drug addiction and how far a mother will go for their child. Adrift also stars Laura Gomez, Tony Plana and Olga Merediz

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Make sure to catch the film at the Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles on November 25 and in the mean time watch the trailer above!