7 Latino Actors Who We'd Want to Play Robin

Justin Bieber Instagrammed a photo this week holding a Batman vs. Superman script with a caption that read, "#Robin??" Fans freaked out! Most are already upset over Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, so when they saw Bieber's photo, they said the Batman franchise would be ruined forever if he were actually selected to play Robin.

With that in mind, we decided to do a little casting for Robin ourselves, except with some of our favorite Latinos!

1. Robin Latino Casting: Jake T. Austin

Jake T. Austin

The Fosters' star not only embodies the skills needed to take on a different type of role than he's used to; he's also very athletic! Having athletic skills is certainly needed to star as a crime-fighting superhero's sidekick.

2. Robin Latino Casting: Carlos Pena Jr.

Carlos Pena, Jr.

With his incredible sense of humor and charm, the 24-year-old Nickelodeon star would help lighten up the mood when things get really tough for Batman.

3. Robin Latino Casting: Manny Montana

Manny Montana

The Mexican American actor, who currently stars as an FBI agent on Graceland, knows all about catching bad guys in the act. This would totally make him a kick-butt Robin!

4. Robin Latino Casting: Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

The Teen Wolf actor's tall and thin frame reminds us of comic book Robin.

5. Robin Latino Casting: Michael Trevino

Michael Trevino

This Vampire Diaries hunk would complement Ben Affleck quite well, with his 5'9" stature and toned body. He's also never been part of a huge movie franchise, so this would be the absolute perfect start!

6. Robin Latino Casting: Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta

This multi-talented Mexican-born star has a smile that can light up an entire room. He would definitely be able to fool any criminal into thinking he's going to play things fair.

7. Robin Latino Casting: Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman

The 25-year-old actor just so happens to be a mixed martial arts fighter. When Batman's down, he'd know who to call!