The Latina Behind the 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Leak

The studio company behind the famous Twilight saga released a new statement in response to the young Argentinean woman who reportedly hacked into private servers and stole photographs, unfinished images, and video footage from the franchise’s Breaking Dawn film. According to, 24-year-old Daiana Santia held a press conference last week during which she defended herself against the company’s accusations. Santia’s argument was that Summit should not have released her personal information, removing the chance of settling the dispute privately.

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According to the company, materials from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn began appearing this past March and the studio first learned of Santia’s involvement two months later.  The film is set to hit theaters in November.  “First and most important this is NOT about greed or the Studio wanting to bully a woman from a small town in Argentina - rather, it is about stolen material that is private and sensitive which was obtained by illegally accessing private/secure servers as well as personal email accounts,” part of the statement read.

Summit said it flew in technical support to Argentina upon Santia’s agreement to review the computers where the film materials were reportedly on. After the experts arrived in Posadas, Santia went back on her word.  “Had Ms. Santia cooperated Summit and its representatives would have worked with her to reach a compromise that would not necessarily involve legal action in Argentina and the United States,” the statement concluded.