Latina Adaptation of Jane Austen's "Sense & Sensibility" to Hit Silver Screen

Fina Torres, who directed Woman on Top, will helm Prada to Nada, a new film being billed as the Latina interpretation of Jane Austen's classic novel Sense and Sensibility. The English-language Mexican-US coproduction was written by Torres and Chicano dramatist Luis Alfaro.

The film just entered pre-production and boasts an all star-cast that reads like a who's who of up-and-coming Latino actors. Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated actress Adriana Barraza (Babel, Amores Perros), Camille Belle (When A Stranger Calls, 10,000 B.C.) and Alexa Vega (Spykids) will star as the main characters. Belle and Vega will play spoiled sisters who lose everything when their father dies and they are forced to move in to their aunt's (Barraza) East Los Angeles home. The fish-out-of-water story follows the sisters as they learn to adapt to their new surroundings and find themselves along the way.

"Fina's decadent filmic style, combined with a socially relevant and hip story, drew together our exceptional and fresh cast," said producer Linda McDonough. Wilmer Valderamma and Kuno Becker will also be featured alongside Barraza, Belle and Vega in the ensemble romantic comedy, set to be released in 2011.