Latin Hollywood Report: Stop-Loss's B.O. is MIA, Almodovar Takes to the Blogs

Bombs Over Baghdad

When are the studios going to realize that nobody's interested in seeing movies about the war in Iraq? Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce's new film Stop-Loss (starring Ryan Phillippe and Victor Rasuk), er, tanked at the box office this weekend, pulling in a dismal $4.5 million in ticket sales. Compare that to the $24.5 million jackpot scored by the Kate Bosworth-starrer 21 and another strong weekend for Kate del Castillo's tearjerker La Misma Luna, and it's pretty clear that Stop-Loss needs to be dishonorably discharged from the multiplexes.

Who's That Girl?

Hopefully Stop-Loss director Kimberly Peirce will have more success with her next project, a biopic of former Miami club owner and It Girl Ingrid Casares. In the '80s, Casares had the life everybody envied—money, fame, fabulous friends (including Madonna, her BFF)—but nearly lost it all to a severe substance abuse problem. Casares, regarded by many as a lesbian icon, also dated some of the most high-profile women in the business—from Sandra Bernhard to k.d. lang, and rumoredly even Madonna herself. No doubt her glamorous life will make for a great movie, and now our minds are racing trying to figure out who will play her! Let the speculating begin...

Hugs is the New Blog

Revered Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar is officially on the scene—or, rather, the blogosphere. The celebrated cineaste has launched a daily blog chronicling the making of his film Broken Hugs, starring Penelope Cruz. The blog features photos, videos, and notes from behind-the-scenes of the film, which begins shooting in May. Broken Hugs is a dark drama about a plastic surgeon who seeks revenge against the man who raped his daughter. Check out the blog here.