Latin Hollywood Report: No Love for The Guru

Looks like Mike Myers is gonna need a little Love Guru of his own, after coming out on the losing end of a much-talked about box office faceoff with Steve Carell and Get Smart. Carell and company (co-stars Anne Hathaway and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) took the #1 spot this weekend, making $39.2 million. The Love Guru, which earned dismal reviews, came in fourth, making a paltry $14 million. In between the two movies were the unstoppable Kung Fu Panda, which made $21.7 million for a three-week total of $155.6 million, and The Incredible Hulk, which made $21.6 million, for a two-week total or $96.5. The number five slot went to The Happening, which pulled in $10 million. Coming this weekend: The battle of the W's: Wanted, the action flick starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman, and the animated WALL-E. Our money's on Angelina, but then again, never underestimate the power of bored kids out of school for the summer.

Our favorite brand of Spanish chorizo, Javier Bardem, just got $46,440 richer. Javi just won Spain's National Cinema Prize, given out by the country's Insitute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts. The Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men actor was lauded not only for his careerlong achievements, but his outspoken "defense of the acting profession and continued commitment to Spanish film at home and abroad." To which Bardem said: "I take the prize to be a mark of
affection from Spanish filmmakers, from my colleagues and this touches me deeply."

Good news for those of us who loved, loved, loved Wilmer Valderrama as Fez, the foreign exchange student in That 70's Show: Wilmer's coming back to Fox. He will star and produce a one-hour comedy called The Emancipation of Ernesto,which centers around another young innocent. Ernesto lands in Los Angeles to find his father, while trying to resist the temptations in a city overtaken by excess. It's a busy year all around for Wilmer, who will star in two movies this year: Days of Wrath, co-starring Laurence Fishburne and Columbus Day, with Val Kilmer.