Latin Hollywood Report: <i>21</i>'s Lucky Streak Continues, Telenovelas Take Over France

Lightning Strikes Twice

Could 21 hit the $100 million jackpot? Probably not, but the Kate Bosworth film is way outpacing expectations and took the #1 spot at the box office for the second weekend in a row. The heist flick even beat out George Clooney's baby Leatherheads, which came strolling in at #3. After all the press Gorgeous George has been doing the past few weeks, we thought for sure it would be the date movie of choice this weekend. Goes to show you never can predict what audiences are willing to pay $11 a ticket for. Meanwhile, Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns—co-starring our girl Sofia Vergara—continues to pull in respectable, if not astounding, numbers. Keep on keepin' on, Tyler!

The Flavor of Cash

If you pay close attention to the credits of your favorite reality shows (Rock of Love, The Surreal Life), you've probably seen this name pop up a lot: Cris Abrego. This California-born Mexican-American is almost solely responsible for VH1's wildly successful Celebreality franchise—and also some of it's most notorious infants terribles—and he's cashing in his chips. Cris and his partner Mark Cronin just sold their company 51 Minds to television powerhouse Endemol for a whopping $200 million. To read more about this reality TV mastermind, check out our story on Cris in the latest issue of Latina.

Televisa Takes Over France

What's french for melodrama? Mexican TV giant Televisa aims to find out. Not happy with taking over just American television, the company just announced plans to adapt many of it's novelas for French network RFO. The deal makes clear Televisa's goal to go global. takeover?